The ambition of SA Textile sourcing is to build up as one of the prime RMG exporters of the globe we are the country’s supreme business entity and producing knit wears is our main business strength. Our mission is to contribute to the greater interest of the people broadly speaking to serve the nation. To satisfy our stated business goal we ensure Laws and Workplace regulations. It is our motto to prioritize the academic qualification and technical expertise to bring the organizational success irrespective of cast, creed colour & race. Our corporate vision is to create an outstanding value for customers and other stakeholders. We are committed to develop a great new product and service to create a great company as we strive for excellence.

In the process we are trying to implement all the suggested Code of Conducts, practices or ethics of internationally reputed and professionally certified organization with a view to having corporate governance. Having continuing professional development, high tech equipment’s, high profile industrial training & skill development, uncompromising quality assurance, and sustainable consistency of determined policies. By fulfilling all the required benchmarks we have been able cope with buyers requirements along with achieving prestigious international certificates i.e. Our 100% export oriented buying & garment division has achieved the distinction of having set pace and standard with excellence in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. We are the pioneers of the sophisticated machineries and later on considered as a benchmark in the relevant field. Our company with getting assistance of all its sister concern and our collaboration factories are capable of producing each and every kind of Knit, Woven, Bottom, & Sweater garments. We are mindful of our responsibility to return the value we create the business through our local community at large. Over many years we have launched various projects in order to support social, economical and environmental sustainability. We adopt a holistic approach for sustainable long term growth for the benefit of people in the areas of our operational & technical along with professional activities at home and abroad.

Our Objectives

Our Strategic objectives support the achievement of the SA Textile Sourcing  and are well embedded throughout the organization. By working collaboratively to improve health & social welfare to tackle inequalities we would like to achieve excellence in the services we deliver through the efforts of a skilled, committed and engaged workforce and to optimize the resources available to us to achieve shared goals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage community flexibility to respond to a changing environment through government liaison and human resource development. Through increasing availability of comprehensive resources to facilitate community interest-based growth through partnership development. We also have our goal to demonstrate social & corporate accountability to all of our stakeholders in order to operate business activities smoothly.